Bioinformatics analysis to help you take full
advantage of computational power.

New sequencing and analysis techniques have exponentially increased the amount of data generated by research. We have experience working with big data and can help you manage, organize, and analyze your data using the latest bioinformatics techniques. Bio::Neos provides the bioinfomatics support you need without hiring an in-house team. You will have control over how involved you want to be with the technical decisions that will affect your project while we meet your research goals.

Let our experience enhance yours. Our background in high throughput and computational intensive methods may help provide new insight on your problems, resulting in innovative and exciting solutions.

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*Minimum project commitment of 5 hours of work ($750).

Custom Software

...from people who understand
computers and biology.

Why is custom software a good choice for you?

Custom software will allow you to save time, money and stress. Bio::Neos has over 40 years of combined experience in developing 'bio'-related software. With custom software from Bio::Neos you will get efficient, reliable, intuitive and fast software with all the customized tools you need to analyze your data so you can focus on the results.

Do you have boring repetitive data processing you do by hand? We will use our advanced software development skills to streamline the process.

Whether you know exactly what you need or just have an idea of what you want Bio::Neos can help.

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*Minimum project commitment of $5,000 with a timeline of four weeks.

Other Software Services

anything you need,
we can help you solve problems

We have much experience with a large number of different technologies and can work with you in a variety of ways.

Just contact us today to see if we can help. Don't worry about asking bizarre requests, we will be honestly assess your project request and if it is not a good fit for our group, we will even recommend where else you should look. It never hurts to ask!